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Legal Education: Berkeley Law and Beyond
发布时间:2015-05-25 浏览量:1798

    主讲人:Dean Sujit Choudhry


    演讲题目:Legal Education: Berkeley Law and Beyond

    时间:2015年6月4日 下午2:30 - 3:15


    主讲人:Prof. Robert Merges


    演讲题目:Transnational Views on a Rational Patent System

    Prof. Merges would trace out the phases in the life of a patent (invention, filing, prosecution, opposition, renewal, litigation/licensing) and talk about the proper level of investment at the PTO & SIPO and in the court system. In other words,  a rational overview of a well-functioning system. He would emphasize that the investment by the state in patent quality needs to be adjusted according to (1) the stage of the patent’s life, and (2) the intensity of participation by competitors and rivals of the patent holder. The idea is to trace out a rational way to approach questions of state funding and the relationship between the state and private parties with an interest in the patent.

    时间:2015年6月4日 下午3:15 - 4:30


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